"No man can be called friendless when he has God and the companionship of good books."

- Elizabeth Barret Browning

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

January Book Questions For "Crazy Love" By: Francis Chan

Hello Everyone!
I'm so glad to see we have a nice amount of followers! Well, I don;t know about all of you but I just fell in love with Crazy Love! I truly felt the Lord was teaching me so much through this book. At times I was convicted, uplifted and in awe of the works of our Savior! This book gave me that extra jump start I needed in my relationship with the Lord. I think Francis Chan is a wonderful writer who is truly anointed by the Holy Spirit.
What did you think of this book? What are your thoughts? Did the book make you think? Please share! :)

Happy Reading!


  1. Sarah, Thank you for the loan of "Crazy Love" This book is an easy read. It not only convicted me of my Christian walk with the Lord, it has made me so mindful of God's grace!
    Francis Chan is a great teacher. His visuals and lectures are truthful, Biblical, and without apology for the sovereignty of the word of God.
    God's love for us is beyond human comprehension. I am saddened that we sometimes don't value it by our lifestyles.
    I have acquired a new interest for studying outer space. Oh, what a GREAT God we have!

    Your backround music makes me cry. I remember it playing as you walked down the aisle to marry Richard! Just think of the many flavors of talent that God gives to those who use it. It makes me want to find mine.
    Love you, MOM

  2. Crazy Love is an excellent book! Very challenging!